Rightrock’s art & production teams are on a mission to provide high quality artwork and design to clients, while insuring that visual branding is consistent across all sales and marketing channels.

Rightrock works directly with a variety of talented designers across the world. We’ve earned industry-wide praise for consistently turning out creative artwork and products. We make it our business to stay on top of all the new market trends, insuring our products always contain the perfect mix of creativity and consumer appeal. Manufacturing is handled by a worldwide network of trusted, proven and ethical partners, insuring we can deliver anywhere — on-time and in budget.


Rightrock provides a full range of touring merchandise services designed to support our Artists in small clubs, summer shed tours and sold-out arenas. Production and logistics are localized in every major territory keeping costs low and flexibility high.

Not satisfied with simply printing and shipping shirts to a venue, Rightrock distinguishes itself with an artist relations staff driven to serve the complete needs of our clients. We do so with proficiency and a personal proactive touch that can only be found at a boutique outfit. From top to bottom, Rightrock is staffed with proud “merchandise lifers” whose intimate knowledge of all aspects of tour merchandising, which makes us a perfect partner for any Artist.


Rightrock’s online stores use top of the line applications that are the industry standard for shopping cart and online store technology in E-commerce. We integrate with our production center to deliver products to one of our distribution warehouses, located in the U.S. and the United Kingdom for direct to consumer sales. Our large warehouses allow us to maintain proper stock levels to ensure all active merchandise is available to your fanbase.

What you get with Rightrock E-commerce online stores

  • Custom store build
  • Email marketing that is integrated with the store
  • Shopping Cart abandon feature
  • Cross sales opportunities with same genre Artist pages
  • Smart Phone Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook and Instagram ad capability
  • Full- time customer service
  • Inventory management